Pictures from the Christian Johnson Family

Chris Johnson's Obituary

Emma May Johnson's Obituary

Sherman, Frank & Florence Buckingham. About 1924

Christian Johnson and Emma May Engelking Wedding
12 Dec 1883

Chris and Emma Johnson with ??

Chris and Emma Johnson

Chris and Emma Johnson

Chris Johnson

Baptism record of Christen Jensen (Rand Christian Johnson)
Born 26 July 1857
Skee Village, Haraldsted Parish, Sorø County, Denmark

Chris and Emma Johnson children in late 1889.
Left to Right: Luella (born 6 Mar 1886), Sydney (born 1 May 1889), Florence (born 18 Jul 1884).

Chris and Emma Johnson

Florence and Constance Buckingham

Emma Johnson and Constance Buckingham

Florence Johnson Buckingham

Chris and Emma Johnson

Frank Buckingham

Chris Johnson's store about 1900 at Lakewiew, Oregon

Chris and Emma Johnson

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