The Adventures of the
Jens and Carrie Hansen Clan

Here is a map that shows the area of Denmark that Jens and Carrie Hansen came from:


Jens and Karen Area

  1. Nørre Eskilstrup, Soderup Parish, Holbæk County
  2. Djurlundsgård, Kirke Hvalsø Parish, Roskilde County
  3. Sønderstrup, Kirke Eskilstrup Parish, Holbæk County
  4. Skee, Haraldsted Parish, Sorø County

Jens Hansen was born at Djurlundsgård in Kirke Hvalsø parish of Roskilde county, Denmark on 13 February 1821. He was the son of Hans Andreas Jensen and his wife Johanna Rasmusdatter. Hans and Johanna had 7 children:  Karen Johanne Thomasdatter was born at Sønderstrup in Kirke Eskilstrup parish of Holbæk county, Denmark on 9 June 1816. She was the daughter of Thomas Hansen and his wife Karen Hansdatter. Thomas and Karen had 7 children:
  •  Dorte Hansdatter in 1815
  • Jens Hansen in 1821
  • Rasmus Hansen in 1823
  • Johanna Marie Hansdatter in 1823
  • Niels Hansen in 1825
  • Christen Hansen in 1827
  • Christian Hansen in 1830
  •  Niels Thomasen in 1804
  • Johanna Thomasdatter in 1806
  • Christen Thomasen in 1807
  • Bodil Thomsdatter in 1809
  • Ane Thomasdatter in 1811
  • Stillborn Baby Boy Thomasen in 1814
  • Karen Johanne (Carrie) Thomasdatter in 1816
 Djurlundgård  Sønderstrup

 Jens was raised at Djurlundsgård and was living there with his uncle Chrisen Jensen in the 1834 census and when he was confirmed on 26 April 1835. Jens' parents lived at Algestrup in Sønder Asmindrup Parish at the time.

In 1845 Jens was a carpenter on the Lars Jensen farm at Nørre Eskilstrup in Soderup Parish. His parents died sometime after 1870, presumably at Algestrup.

 Carrie was raised at Sønderstrup and is found there in the 1834, 1840 and 1845 censuses. Her father died in 1844 and her mother died in 1846, both at Sønderstrup. Her brother, Niels Thomsen ran the farm.

 Nørre Eskilstrup and Sønderstrup are just a stone's throw apart!
Sønderstrup/Nørre Eskilstrup

 Jens and Carrie were married at Kirke Eskilstrup on 6 March 1846.
Jens and Karen were both listed as living at Sønderstrup at the time of their marriage.

 Jens and Carrie moved to Skee in Haraldsted Parish shortly after they were married. There was a very active Danish Baptist movement in that area at the time. It is not clear if Jens and Carrie were involved with the Baptists there, but we do know that they were not the best Lutherans in the world!

At Skee, children soon started to arrive:
1. Hans Thomas Jensen was born on 9 August 1846, baptized on 8 November 1846.

2. Karen Marie Jensdatter was born on 9 September 1849 and baptized on 4 Novemebr 1849.

3. Frederik Jensen was born on 18 March 1852 and baptized on 18 July 1852.

4. Christen Jensen was born on 10 July 1855, baptized on 16 December 1855 and died on 18 April 1856.

5. Christen Jensen(#2) was born on 26 July 1857 and baptized on 25 October 1857.

Although the children were baptized in the Lutheran church, the family was not known to be active members.

 On 5 May 1869 Jens, Carrie, Frederik, and Christen registered at Copenhagen for passage to America. Karen Marie stayed in Denmark and kept house for her uncle Niels Hansen at Algestrup. Karen Marie came to America with her husband Ole Jacobsen in 1880. See this page for more about that.

Emmigration Record

 Translation of the Emigration Record
Emigrant's Full Name Occupation Brithplace and/or Last Residence Age Destination Contract Number Registration Date
 Jens Hansen  Landmand (Farmer)  Sorø  48  New York  3202  5/5 1869
 Karen Hansen  Hustru (Wife)  Sorø  50  New York  3202  5/5 1869
 Frederik Jensen  Barn (Child)  Sorø  17  New York  3202  5/5 1869
 Christen Jensen  Barn (Child)  Sorø  9  New York  3202  5/5 1869

 The family presumably took a small steamer from Copenhagen to Hamburg, Germany,
and there they boarded the S.S. Allemania. They arrived at New York harbor on 28 May 1869.
 Allemania  Allemania Photo

Here is their entry on the ship's passenger list.
Curiously, Christen was listed as "Christine" the 7 year old daughter of Jens Hansen!

Jens Hansen Family Immigration

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