Rev. Nils Olsen (Fjeld)
Pioneer Pastor
 Born:  13 April 1815  at Skånevik Parish, Hordaland County, Norway. Son of Ole Nilsen Fjeld & Agathe Larsdatter.
 Private Instruction:  1833 - 1835   
 Teacher and Farm Laborer:  1835 - 1845  Skånevik Parish, Hordaland County, Norway.
 Married:  7 December 1835  to Guro Olsdatter at Skånevik Parish, Hordaland County, Norway. She died in 1847 sometime shortly after booking passage for America.
 Emigrated:  1847  from Skånevik Parish, Hordaland County, Norway to USA. With his wife and six children, Ole(11), Agothe(9 1/4), Ragna(7), Lars(5), & Brithe(3). Also Guro's 17 year old daughter Anna Larsdatter from her first husband, Lars Larsen.
 Married:  2 April 1848  to Sigrid (Sarah) Sjursen Matre at Lisbon, Kendall County, Illinois.
 Farm Laborer:  1847 - 1851  at Lisbon, Kendall County, Illinois.
 Colporteur:  1851 - 1853  for the American Bible Society. (Bible salesman)
 Lay Preacher:  1853 - 1856  in Southern Wisconsin, Minnesota, Northern Illinois, and Iowa.
 Ordained:  1857  by the Northern Illinois Synod.
 Supply Pastor:  1857 - 1859  Preston, Minnesota.
 Examined:  1860  Examined by the Augustana Seminary faculty and ministerium.
 Pastor:  1860 - 1861  Preston, Minnesota.
 Pastor:  1862 - 1869  Christiania, Eureka Township, Dakota County, Minnesota.
 Pastor:  1870 - 1884  Various churches in Steele County, Minnesota.
 Died:  11 October 1884  at Owatonna, Minnesota
 Buried:  14 October 1884  Highview Cemetery, Eureka Township, Dakota County, Minnesota.

During his time in Steele County, Rev. Olsen served eight congregations.
He simultaneously served seven of them from 1875-1877.
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  1868 1869 1870 1871 1872 1873 1874 1875 1876 1877 1878 1879 1880 1881 1882 1883 1884
Pontoppidan Norw. Ev. Lutheran Congregation                                  
Beaver Lake Danish
Rice Lake Congregation                                  
Dania Danish Lutheran Congregation                                  
Owatonna Danish Luth. Congregation                                  
Lolland Danish Lutheran Congregation                                  
Meraker Norwegian Lutheran Congregation                                  
Owatonna Congregation                                  


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