Hans Henrik Riget &
Margrethe Magdalena Kröger

My great-great-great-great grandparents (f-m-m-m-f's parents) were Hans Henrik Riget & Margrethe Magdalena Kröger.
They were originally from Bosau, Eutin in Slesvig-Holstein, Germany.
Hans moved to Egense, Svendborg, Denmark in about 1800/1801.
Margrethe came to be with him later in 1801.

Here are the places where I have found Hans Henrik in the census records:
 *1801 - Living in Hvidkilde farm in Egense, Svendborg, Denmark. Age 37. Unmarried.
  1834 - Living in Bromark, Ollerup, Svendborg, Denmark. Age 79. Married to Karen Rasmusdatter.
  1840 - Living in Ollerup parish, Svendborg, Denmark. Age 85. Widowed.
  1845 - Living in Ollerup village, Ollerup parish, Svendborg, Denmark. Age 90. Widowed.

* In 1801 he was married, but Margrethe was not living in Egense yet. I am guessing that she was still at Bosau with their three young children. Margrethe came to Egense sometime in 1801, because Poul Christian was born there in August 1801.

I managed to find Hans Henrik's birthplace in the 1845 Ollerup census in Svendborg County.
The census listing is as follows:

 Hans Henrik Riget, 90, Enke(mand), Inderste og fisker, Baase sogn ved Eütin

He was a 90 year old widow and retired fisherman born in "Baase" parish near Eutin, Germany

I wrote to the city hall in Eutin and the letters from Egon Jacob that follow have proven very helpful.
"Baase" is actually a small town named Bosau.


On February 2, 2004, I received the most unexpected email from Arthur Willi Riget Andersen of Alton, Utah.
He had apparently been working on the Riget genealogy with Gert Riget in Hørsholm, Denmark.
His email follows:

Gert Riget: Her er hvad jeg fandt ud af sidste uge (29&30Januar2004)
Susanne Marquardsen: Mange tak for hjælpen (E-mail from SM, 30Mar.2002) om Hans Henrik!
Gary Jacobson: Many Thanks for the help (Jacobson/Johnson Ancestors, updated 21Dec.2003!
(Please update Your records to include the following events and dates - and thanks again for your help!!

Hans Henrik:

1. Film # GW644/247494(FamilyHistoryL:ibrary), Taufregister 1701-1770,Bosau (Evangelisch)
1755 through 1768: no record of Hans Henrik Riget or Margrete Magdalene Kryger!

2. Film # GW655/247505, Evangelisch Taufenregister 1633-1765. Also no record (1762 through 1765)

3. Regarding marriage to MMKryger about 1787 in Eutin, Schleswig/Holsten, Germany?

Film 476261/GW1793 (Note: Berichtigungen von Kirchenbüchern - Duplicate von Kirchenbüchern, deren originale nicht mehr erhalten sind.[Copy, original no longer available]) Bosau 1788-1816, poor quality,can't read!

Film 247512/GermanyWest660, Heiraten(marriages), EUTIN 1633-1867: (started checking with year 1784)

1790, Page 24: An den Sontage 19, 20, 21 nach Trinitatis sind proclamirt Hans Henrich Richert, Arbeitsmann in Eutin, das Johann Philip Richert, Arbeitsmann zu .?. , Sohn, mit Margareta Magdalena Krügerin, das Otto Krüger, .?. arbeitsmann zu Neukirchen..... sollen zu Bosau copuliert sein/=/skulde giftes i Bosau/=/should be married in Bosau.

(I researched 21st Sunday after Trinity 1790. In todays date system it is the same as 24 Oct.1790.)

I tried film # 476261/BOSAU again. Found three marriages for 29 Oct.1790. After much studying was able to see the names Hans Henrich Reichert and Margaretha Magdalena Krügerin on the second marriage (number 10 that year)!

30Jan2004, 8:00 AM, continuing:

Back to film 476261, Bosau 1788-1816:

1793, Kinder # 17, geboren 22 Febr., taufen 27 Febr.Dorthe Magdalene des Arbeitsmann zu Loja Hans Henrich Richet und Margretha Malena geboren Krüger aus Neukirchen (born 22Feb1793, Christened 27 Feb1793)

1794: 59 births, 28 deaths, 13 marriages - but no Riget children! 1795: 54 b, 31 d, 9m, no Rigets

1796: 39 b, 29 d, 17 m; 1797: 49 b, 35 d, 9m; 1798: 59b, 53d, 15m; 1799: 54b, 33d, 21m: 1800 & 1801 also -

no more Rigets in Bosau!

Film 247500, BOSAU, Evangelisch Heiratsregister GW649/1701-1787, & GW650/1788-1852

Gothic handwriting, in German, but somewhat readable:

1790, #10, 29 Oct. In der Kirche copuliert Hans Henrich Richert aus Löja des Johan Philip Richert, und dieser Ehefrau Maria geboren Hürch? aus Hützfeld, Sohn, mit Margrethe Malena Krüger, des Arbeitsmann zu Neukirchen Otto? Krüger und diesen Ehefrau Maria geboren Kirchner?, Tochter. Der Bräutigam ist 22 und die Braut 21 Jahre alt.(So respectively they are 22 and 21 years old, or born in 1768, and 1769!)

Film # 247506, Evangelisch Taufenbuch, 1766-1797 EUTIN. 1767-70, Found no births listed for Hans Henrich!

Page 188, 1795, # 99, geboren 24 Juli morgen 7 Uhr, taufen 26 Juli: Henrich Friedrich des Hans Henrik Richert und Margaretha Magdalene gebohren Krüger, Sohn.

Film 247507, Evangelisch Taufregister EUTIN 1798-1811, Filmed at Lübeck 17Mar1959.

1798: 142 births; 1799: 122 births; but no Catrine Magdalene! So where was she born?

Film 247512, EUTIN , Heiraten 1633-1867 - look for marriages Johan Philip Riget ~1769, or Otto Krüger~ 1770.

Checked years 1763-1770, 235 marriages, but no luck!

If You have any questions, or comments,
contact: Arthur W. R. Andersen, P.O.Box 100012, Alton, Utah, 84710-0012, USA, Telephone: 435 648 2142

Sincerely: Art Andersen

Apparently, Gert or Art found my database for the Riget family on Rootsweb.com.
With the information in the Egon Jacob letters and the information in Art Andersen's email,
I am able to say with a great degree of confidence that Hans Henrik & Margareta Magdalene's parents are as follows:

Hans Henrik Riget
Born: 1765 at Hutzfeld, Germany
Baptized : 30 November 1765
 Father: Johan Philip Richert
 Mother: Maria Hövel

Married on 29 October 1790 to:
Margareta Magdalena Kröger
Born: 1768 at Neukirchen, Germany
 Father: Detlef Kröger
 Mother: Maria Elers

Here is a copy of the marriage record from Bosau:
(Click the picture for a larger version, 185kB)

I got a reply from the archive in Gleschendorf today (24 March 2004) with a translation made from the original book.
Here is what Archivist Voß had to say:
 29 October1790 - In the church of Bosau there is the marriage of Hans Hinrich Richert from Löja, son of the former shepherd from Löja, Johann Philip Richert and his wife Maria, nee Hövel from Hutzfeld, with Margrethe Malen Kröger, daughter of the workman from Neukirchen, Detlef Kröger and his wife Maria, nee Elers from Neukirchen. The bridegroom is 22m the bride 21 years old.

I guess this settles it, now we can look further into the past. Arrgggh!

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