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The Nis Peter Thimsen Family of Blooming Prairie, Minnesota
Seated: Ernest Albertus(1873-1852), Hannah Jensen Thimsen (1845-1927), Nis Peder Thimsen (1840-1915)
Standing: Nils Clausen "Doc" Thimsen (1871-1961), Frederik Peter Thimsen (1868-1945)

Thimsen family listing in the Brorson Lutheran Church register.
This shows that Nis was from a parish called "Kjostrup".
There is no "Kjostrup" in Denmark, but there is a "Hostrup" very near Løgumkloster.
Perhaps this is the one he is from. Other sources suggest that Nis was born in Løgumkloster.

Hannah was from Købelev parish. Her parents were Jens Clausen and Birthe Hansdatter.

This is the entry in the Brorson Lutheran Church register when the Nis Thimsen family left to join the
Baptist church in 1885. In the remarks column it is stated that Mr. Thimsen has refused to have the children educated in the
Christian teachings, so he is therefore "removed as a heathen". Strong words, but there was a severe rift
between the Danish Lutheran and Danish Baptist churches of Blooming Prairie Township in the late 1800's.

Many people left the Lutheran church to join with the Baptists in the 1880's.
One of the reasons for this is possibly that the pastor of the Lutheran church was a Norwegian named Svein Strand.
The pastor of the Baptist church was J.S. Lunn, a Dane.
It has been suggested that the Danes of the area found it hard to stay with the
Norwegian pastor when a native Dane was preaching just down the road.

Dr. Nils Clausen Thimsen practiced in the Hayfield and Blooming Prairie area during the early 1900's.
This photo was taken just after he graduated from the Medical College in Keokuk, Iowa.
After he retired he moved near Stillwater, Minnesota where he raised beautiful midnight blue foxes.

The wedding of Ernest Albertus Thimsen and Hannah Nelson, daughter of Hans and Betsy Nelson of Bixby, February 3, 1910.
Edna Jensen and Hannah's brother, Joe Nelson attended the couple.
(I had the great honor of caring for and getting to know Hannah in her late years
while she was living at Prairie Manor Nursing Home in Blooming Prairie.
I was there, and remember well the day she died, July 27, 1981.)

The Nis Thimsen house located across the street from the Baptist church in Blooming Prairie still stands today on Main Street.
Dr. Nils Clausen Thimsen and Fred Thimsen were standing at the left and Ernest Thimsen by the porch.
Seated on the porch were Nis Thimsen and Hannah Thimsen.
Note the board sidewalk and the gingerbread woodwork on the porch.
Nis and Hannah retired from farming to live in this house in Blooming Prairie.

A group of Blooming Prairie Civil War veterans gather on Memorial Day 1914.
They are Robert Page, Anton Zwiener, Nis P. Thimsen, Thomas S. Morten, John G. Johnson, Frederick Frost, and Mr. Helvig.

Here is a photo of the Peter Thimsen family:

Click for a larger version.
L-R: Marien C. Thimsen(Mrs. Hans Johnson), Julia A. Eichler Thimsen, John Thimsen(standing),
Katherine Thimsen(seated), Peter Thimsen, and Hattie Thimsen(Mrs. Judge Jens C. Peterson).

The Thimsen farms are located four miles northwest of Blooming Prairie, Minnesota on Section 8 of Blooming Prairie Township.
The Nis P. Thimsen farm is still owned by the Thimsen family.
The Peter P. Thimsen farm is no longer in the family.

The NIs P. Thimsen family lot at Union Cemetery, on Section 9 of Blooming Prairie Township,
Steele County, Minnesota.

Nis P. Thimsen 1840-1915
Hannah Jensen (Mrs. Nis)Thimsen 1845-1927
Nils Clausen Thimsen 1871-1961
Mary Olesen (Mrs. Nils Clausen) Thimsen 1866-1945
Ernest Albert Thimsen 1873-1952
Hannah Nelson (Mrs. Ernest) Thimsen 1884-1981

The Peter Thimsen family lot is just to the northeast of the Nis Thimsen lot.
Peter P. Thimsen 1831-1913
Julia Eichler (Mrs. Peter)Thimsen 1845-1904
John Thimsen 1868-1909 - Peter & Julia's son
Katherine Marie "Kate" Thimsen 1873-1959 - Peter & Julia's daughter
Caryl (Carol) E. Thimsen 1915-1985 - Kate's daughter

The Eichler family plot is the next one to the west of the Peter Thimsen lot.
There are no markers on this lot and no information about
whether or not any of the Eichlers are buried here.

Here is the complete layout of the Thimsen lots:

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